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Full color, high resolution envelope overprinter easily installable inline with envelope inserter machines


Save time with the new OPHRYS IRICOLOR inline envelope overprinter. Directly attached to the envelope inserter machine, envelopes can be printed with any graphics on demand, work changes are immediate. Additionally, time and cost spent on inventory management can be dramatically reduced.

Full color (CMYK) inkjet-based printing with water based pigmented ink

Offset-like quality

5x nozzle redundancy per color

Automatic adaptation to different envelope thickness, supported range: 0.5-15 mm

Printouts are water fast with excellent fade resistance and gamut

Print width covers C4 envelope size

Support for product tracking and quality assurance



All extra costs and work related to handling, purchasing and stocking of pre-printed envelopes vanish.

  • no pre-printed envelops anymore
  • no pre-production
  • minimal storage space (less storage waste)
  • decreasing human costs

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